ESTEVE, the Collegial Medical Organisation (OMC), the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists (CGCOF) and the General Council of Official Nursing Colleges (CGCOE) confer the Esteve: "United by Patient Care" Awards.

More than 350 healthcare professionals have come together in the Paraninfo Room of Deusto University in Bilbao for the announcement of the prize-winners in the 5th ESTEVE "United by Patient Care" Awards. In total, out of the more than 400 projects received this year, seven winners were chosen in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Nursing and Chronic Patient Areas, rewarding the most human side of the healthcare profession and recognising their contribution to improving patient healthcare and communication.

Promoted by ESTEVE in collaboration with the Collegial Medical Organisation (OMC), the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists (CGCOF) and the General Council of Official Nursing Colleges (CGCOE), these awards hope to promote initiatives aimed at improving patient care. Held for the first time in 2004 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the birth of ESTEVE, the Awards have reached their 5th year with an event attended by the Minister for Health of the Basque Country, Jon Darpón; the Mayor of Bilbao, Iñaki Azkuna and the Planning Professional Managing Director of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, José Javier Castrodeza, all accompanying Antoni Esteve at the prize-giving ceremony.

With great success in the call for applications and a total of 406 projects presented, this year the ESTEVE Awards has an important new addition: for the first time, as well as the Medical Area and the Pharmaceutical Area, the awards include the Nursing Area and Chronic Patient Area to adapt to today's healthcare situation, where all professionals (doctors, pharmacists and nursing staff) are crucial in managing and improving patient care. The projects received in any of the three professional areas have also been able to opt for the special Chronic Patient Area prize, an option chosen by 245 of the projects. Consequently, the 406 projects received have finally become 651 entries.

Recognised for improving patients' quality of life

Seven awards were presented at the ceremony in Bilbao: two each for the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Nursing Areas (in the categories of Best Personal Initiative and Best Institutional Initiative) and a single, extraordinary award in the Chronic Patient Area.

In spite of the difficulties currently faced by the sector, the company has decided to maintain its commitment to those health professionals that develop initiatives to improve patient care and to continue to recognise, within a context of austerity, the work being carried out in this area by giving these awards. Each prize-winner has received a bronze sculpture by the prestigious sculptor Marcel Martí and a financial prize of 12,000 euros.

In the Medical Area, the prize-winner in the category of Best Institutional Initiative was the "SEMES programme for patient safety in urgent and emergency care", by the Spanish Urgent and Emergency Medicine Society (SEMES), developed in Barcelona and applied throughout Spain, whose aim is to improve safety in Urgent Care and Emergency Services in healthcare areas and which has managed to set up a network of instructors throughout Spain to spread knowledge and provide advice on Safety. In addition to several studies, it has also drawn up a risk map and produced an awareness-raising campaign related to patient safety.

In the category of Best Personal Initiative from the same Area, the prize-winner was the project by Dr. Daniel Apolinar García from the Healthcare Area of Monforte de Lemos (Lugo), "Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease in the prodromal phase. Creation of a rapid referral channel from primary healthcare". This is a pilot initiative carried out in the province of Lugo concentrating on the early detection of Alzheimer's and its fast referral to Neurology specialists.

In the Pharmaceutical Area, a mobile application, "Glutenmed", which quickly detects whether a medicinal product contains gluten, developed by a group of pharmacists in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria won the highest recognition in the category of Best Personal Initiative. While the Best Institutional Initiative was the "D-Value Programme. The value of dispensation", a research project by the Spanish Community Pharmacy Society in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Care Foundation and other partners, produced by a team of professionals from Barcelona which evaluates the impact of registering and recording dispensation in community pharmacy to improve the information received by patients on their drugs and encourage therapeutic adherence.

In the Nursing Area, the Best Personal Initiative was the project "New nursing roles: advanced skills nursing management (EGCA)" developed in the County of Bilbao within the Health Department of the Basque Country to produce a model of ongoing, coordinated nursing care with individualised and comprehensive nursing plans that, in addition to taking the needs of patients into account, also consider the carers' needs.

In the Best Institutional Initiative, the winner was the project "Community activity to promote health: results from a clinical trial" by the Jordi Gol Primary Healthcare Research Institute IDIAP in Barcelona, an eight-week health workshop that offers the necessary tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle, tackling issues such as breathing, tobacco, diet, physical activity, rest, self-esteem and handling emotions. Its results have been a success, achieving the aim of improve patients' lifestyles.

This year, for the first time a Special Award was also given in the Chronic Patient Area, going to "Comprehensive care for institutionalised patients", a programme by the Urgent Care and Pharmacy Service of the University Hospital of Puerta de Hierro de Majadahonda (Madrid), which has managed to improve the healthcare of institutionalised patients and optimise resources.

ESTEVE rewards the most human side of the healthcare profession

The jury for these Awards, presided over by the OMC, the CGCOF and the CGCOE, is made up of people with renowned prestige in the sector, representatives of patient associations and media professionals who have selected, as winners of this 5th edition, those initiatives that stand out for their innovation, originality, transferability and their positive impact on people.

Each area had its own independent jury, presided over by the OMC, the CGCOF and the CGCOE and made up of experts in the healthcare profession corresponding to each of them (medicine, pharmaceuticals and nursing). The jury for the Chronic Patient Area was made up of medical, pharmaceutical and nursing experts, as well as representatives from patient associations.

When choosing the prize-winners, the jury based its decision on criteria such as those projects that offer an advantage over the habitual practice in the healthcare sector, that have been concluded or have been started up with final or partial results, that serve as an example and can be applied by other healthcare professionals, that stand out for their innovative and original nature and that have a positive and tangible impact on patients' living conditions, with long-lasting changes.


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