Ethical Management and Transparency

True to our mission and values, we at ESTEVE undertake to create shared value with our interest groups through responsible management, including commitment to our ethical, social and environmental performance, beyond that legally established, to contribute to the sustainability of the Company and the environment.

Good governance and ethics

ESTEVE's management boards promote Corporate Social Responsibility principles in the activities of our group and incorporate these principles to our management and decision-making tasks under Good Corporate Governance Practice.

Our Code of Ethics and its communication channels relating to queries or possible non-compliance reporting are key elements in ESTEVE's ethical management activities.

If you wish to make a query or notify possible non-compliance with the Code of Ethics, please contact us through any of the following channels:

Postal mail

Att. Internal Audit Management,
Passeig de la Zona Franca, 109, 4ª Planta
08038 Barcelona

Among other entities, we are members of


Our commitment with the transparency materializes with the annual publication of the Sustainability Report, which includes the results in the economic, ethical, social and environmental scope. This report is done following the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and it is externally verified by a third independent party.

We are committed to the progress of healthcare by organizations and health care professionals. Therefore, we work to facilitate their professional development through training, research, and the development of treatments that contribute to the improvement of people health. And we do it in accordance to the commitment of transparency by the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and Spain, reinforcing the trust in the model and the value of the collaborations.

Committed to People

Our mission is to contribute to the health and well-being of society. To this end, we put people at the center of our current and future activities and projects.


We collaborate with several entities and we are actively engaged through corporate volunteering.

We focus our lines of action on:

  • Access to healthcare and promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • Employability of the most vulnerable groups.
  • Environmental care.
Esteve corporate volunteering
Esteve patiens

Patients, clients and healthcare providers

We focus our efforts on:

  • Supplying products and services that satisfy unmet healthcare needs and/or provide significant therapeutic value to the health and well-being of people.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Fostering research related to rare diseases and to prevalent diseases in developing countries.


Safety and Health Management System

We work to ensure that the people within our company maintain and improve their health, their development and their motivation:

  • We promote our collaborators training and development.
  • We guarantee equal opportunities.
  • We foster an inclusive working environment.
  • We facilitate flexibility and the conciliation of personal, family and work life.

At ESTEVE, safety and health are promoted through the implementation of an occupational health and safety management system certification to OHSAS 18001 and, since 2004, to TÜV Rheinland.

ESTEVE is part of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion, adheres to the Luxembourg Declaration, and is certified as a healthy, safe and sustainable company committed to implementing the basic principles of workplace health promotion.

Esteve employees
Esteve suppliers


We promote responsibility in our supply chain by:

  • Incorporating best CSR practices to our purchasing processes.
  • Fostering whenever possible the hiring of physically close suppliers to generate value in the nearby communities.

ESTEVE is a member of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) and supports its principles for Responsible Supply Chain Management for ethics, labor, health and safety, environment and related management systems. These principles are taken into account in our Supplier Chain Assessment.


Some of our actions:

  • Esteve collaborate donation medecines NGO Farmamundi
  • Esteve collaborate vaccination Gavi Alliance
  • Esteve collaborate Cuidam program
  • Esteve collaborate disable Entrepreneur Classroom
  • Esteve collaborate disable Adecco
  • Esteve environmental volunteering
  • Esteve rare deseases research Sanfilippo syndrome
  • Esteve healthy habits Diabetes a la carta

Some of our actions:

  • Medicine donation

    (NGO Farmamundi). We donate medicines to several Third World countries annually through NGO Farmamundi, in compliance with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Spanish Drug Agency (AEMPS) guidelines.

    Esteve collaborate donation medecines NGO Farmamundi
    ONG Farmamundi
  • Child vaccination

    (GAVI Alliance). We participate in the GAVI Alliance since 2008 to contribute to the vaccination of children in developing countries, thus helping reduce infant mortality.

    Esteve collaborate vaccination Gavi Alliance
    GAVI Alliance
  • Surgery in Third World children

    (Cuidam Program) We participate in the CUIDAM Program of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital so that Third World children may come to Barcelona to be treated with highly specialized medical-surgical resources unavailable at their countries of origin.

    Esteve collaborate Cuidam Program
    CUIDAM Program
  • Entrepreneur Classroom for disabled people

    (Prevent Foundation and ESADE) Through the Prevent Foundation and ESADE we collaborate to provide disabled people with the knowledge required to create or boost their own company by combining training and mentoring.

    Esteve collaborate disable Entrepreneur Classroom
    Prevent and ESADE Foundation
  • Family Plan

    (Adecco Foundation) Through the Adecco Foundation to Provide Support we foster employability Among ESTEVE workers' disabled children.

    Esteve collaborate disable Adecco
    Adecco Foundation
  • One-day environmental activities

    (Volunteering) We conduct two environmental volunteering activities every year by collaborating in the restoration and improvement of natural areas near our facilities.

    Esteve environmental volunteering
  • Research in rare diseases. "Sanfilippo Syndrome".

    Our research focuses on the development of a gene therapy for the treatment of Sanfilippo A Syndrome, a disease that causes deterioration of mental state and death at an early age, and for which no specific treatment is currently available. Therapies for Sanfilippo B and Hunter syndromes are also being approached.

    Esteve rare deseases research Sanfilippo syndrome
    Sanfilippo Syndrome
  • Health tips and healthy habits

    (Diabetes à la carte) The main therapeutic areas of ESTEVE's pharmaceutical activities include online initiatives that offer the best quality of service to patients and healthcare providers, with health tips and the promotion of healthy habits. For instance,

    Esteve healthy habits Diabetes a la carta
    Diabetes à la carte

Committed to environmental care

We at ESTEVE deem it essential to care about the environment to promote wellness and health among people; yesterday, today and for future generations.

Environmental Management System

ESTEVE’s responsibility with the Environment materializes in the implementation of an integral management system according to ISO 14001, reviewed periodically and certified by TÜV Rheinland since 2001.

This certification covers the entire activity developed by ESTEVE, from R&D and the manufacturing of active ingredients to the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products. In addition to meeting the applicable requirements, we abide by the latest and most demanding environmental management criteria, well beyond the current legislation.

Container and unused medicine management

Our commitment to the environment also includes the collection and treatment of containers and unused medicines generated in households, through SIGRE points at the pharmacies.

Esteve sustainable solar plant

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Committed as we are to the fight against climate change, we voluntarily adhered to the "Caring for Climate" United Nations program in 2009.

ESTEVE voluntarily takes action to reduce CO2 emissions that in turn allow minimizing consumption and cutting costs, and does so by:

  • Using renewable energies.
  • Improving facilities.
  • Promoting sustainable behaviors and habits.

Resource optimization and residue reduction

We work to use resources efficiently and maximally increase reuse and recycling. We prevent pollution by managing resources and residues responsibly.

ESTEVE takes action to minimize residues at source and use the best resources, or to optimize the production processes to recycle and minimize residue generation.

  • We prevent pollution by managing resources and residues responsibly.
  • We minimize residues at source.
  • We optimize production processes to minimize residue generation.

some of our actions

  • Esteve drugs recycling SIGRE
  • Esteve renewable energies solar panels
  • Esteve renewable energy contracting
  • Esteve CO2 emissions reduction plan
  • Esteve environmental awareness campaign
  • Esteve offsetting emissions
  • Esteve energy audits
  • Esteve sustainable mobility plan
  • Esteve drugs recycling SIGRE
  • Esteve buy FSC paper

some of our actions

  • SIGRE awareness campaigns

    The communication campaigns developed by SIGRE are supervised by the Environmental Departments and supported by the Health Departments, and count on the collaboration of the different agents of the pharmaceutical sector: industry, distribution and pharmacies.

    Esteve drugs recycling SIGRE
  • Installation of solar panels

    (Renewable energy) ESTEVE bets on renewable energy by installing solar panels over a surface of 5,000 square meters at the Martorelles Plant and thus obtain electrical power for self-consumption.

    Esteve renewable energies solar panels
    Renewable energy
  • Green energy contracting

    (Renewable energy) ESTEVE uses 100% renewable energy at all its centers in Spain.

    Esteve renewable energy contracting
    Renewable energy
  • Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions

    (Reduction of CO2 emissions) Each year we perform an inventory of our emissions and use the results to prepare the annual plan for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

    Esteve CO2 emissions reduction plan
    CO2 emission reduction
  • Awareness campaigns. Add your gesture, subtract C02.

    Awareness campaign directed at all collaborators to reduce CO2 emissions, where every gesture adds up.

    Esteve environmental awareness campaign
    Awareness campaign
  • Carbon offsetting

    ESTEVE collaborates with renowned entities specializing in carbon offsetting through projects in the countries where we operate.

    Esteve offsetting emissions
    Offsetting emissions
  • Energy audits

    The energy audits we conduct since 2009 allow us to take action to reduce our emissions.

    Esteve energy audits
    Energy audits
  • Sustainable Mobility Plan

    Since 2012 ESTEVE has been implementing a Sustainable Mobility Plan that includes actions such as sharing cars, using public transportation and fostering the use of bicycles to contribute to reduce CO2 emissions.

    Esteve sustainable mobility plan
    Sustainable Mobility Plan
  • Reactiva, making good use of resources

    An initiative implemented to make good use of equipment or materials among in-house or external personnel to extend the service life of materials and prevent them from becoming residues. We thus minimize the environmental impact and increase social action.

    Esteve drugs recycling SIGRE
    Utilization of resources
  • Use of FSC-certified paper:

    ESTEVE ensures that the paper used for leaflets and at its offices comes from well managed forests.

    Esteve buy FSC paper

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Enviromental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy

True to our values, our code of ethics and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, concerning the principles related to people and environmental protection, our commitment is demonstrated through the following principles:

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September 2018