José María Giménez Arnau

José María Giménez Arnau

Chief Scientific & Medical Officer

Nacionalidad: Spanish

Año de nacimiento: 1962

Dr. Gimenez Arnau holds an M.D. degree from the University of Barcelona Medical School. He also has a Specialist degree in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and a postgraduate Pharmaceutical Medicine degree from the Universitat Autonoma in Barcelona (Spain).

Jose Maria has more than 30 years' experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry and has provided his services to several companies in several positions at both local and global level.

Jose Maria started as Medical Advisor in Cardiovascular Diseases and Dermatology at Menarini in 1990 (Barcelona, Spain). In 1993, he continued his career in Oncology and other Specialty diseases by taking up several managerial positions in Medical Affairs and Commercial at Prasfarma, ASTA Medica AG (Frankfurt aM, Germany) and at Amgen Spain, until he joined Novartis SA as Chief Scientific Officer in 2005. After more than 5 years in this role, Jose Maria moved to Basel (Switzerland) to serve as Head of Global Medical Affairs & HEOR, consolidating the new global medical affairs role at that global Pharma organization. He took over as head of the program and was responsible for the clinical development, regulatory filling, first approval and successful worldwide launch of Consetyx in moderate to severe Psoriasis in 2015.

After a period working in Severe Uncontrolled Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis, in 2017 Jose Maria was appointed Head of Global Preclinical and Clinical Development of Biosimilars at Sandoz (Holzkirchen, Germany) before returning to Basel in 2019 as Head of Global Clinical Development of the Radioligand drugs platform at Novartis Oncology.

During his time in Spain, Dr. Gimenez Arnau was an active member of AMIFE (the Spanish Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine) where he was elected president for the period 2007-2009).