Banyeres del Penedès site, Spain

Located 72 km south of Barcelona, the Banyeres del Penedès manufacturing site employs 69 people and has a reaction volume of 58 m³ for scale-up and production of intermediates and APIs.

In addition, departments as required support manufacturing activities (E&M, Logistics, EHS, WWTP, QA, QC, IT). The main capabilities of the site are:


    • High temperature reactions

    • Cryogenic reactions

    • Reactors

    • Particle size reduction

    • Flow Chemistry reactor

    • Centrifuges

    • Filter Dryer

    • Vacuum Dryers

    • High potency APIs Down to OEL > 30ng/m³ (0,03 μg/m³)

Location Banyeres del Penedès