Barcelona site: R&D, Spain

Located in Barcelona, the R&D group is formed ca. 80 commited chemists who work in different areas related to the development of industrial processes for the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The R&D Center has several synthesis and analytical laboratories with state-of- the-art equipment to support the development activities. The scale-up of the developed processes is done in the multipurpose pilot plant, with 3 m³ of reaction capacity. Spectroscopy, Solid-State also belong to the R&D group.


    • State of the art equipment for Process and Analytical Development

    • Hydrogenation reaction

    • Cryogenic reactions (-90ºC to 185ºC)

    • SST reactors

    • GL reactors

    • Hastelloy reactor

    • Centrifuges

    • Filter Dryer

    • Dryers

    • Kilo lab (GMP)

Location Barcelona