Global Environmental, Health and Safety

Esteve Química, as part of the ESTEVE Group, aligned with our mission and values, wants to create shared value with our stakeholders, through responsible management, that integrates economic, social, environmental and ethical key topics in decision-making processes.

Sustainability is part of our identity, strategy and way of doing, which goes beyond legal requirements, being a key factor in achieving ESTEVE's and environment long term vision.

As a healthcare company we are committed to ensuring people and planet wellness as the only way to meet our business objectives and the best way to get stakeholders trust, being the partner of choice.

Based on ESG criteria, ESTEVE sets ups a long term sustainability policy as the only way to ensure success for the future.

ESTEVE's Sustainability strategy sets long term ambitions, objectives and priorities with direct impact on the EHS performance, as two of its three Pillars are related to Environment care and People care respectively.

Global EHS
ESTEVE - Environmental care

 Environmental care

To develop our activities with respect to the environment, minimizing the impact on it across the entire life cycle of our products and processes. Promote awareness of climate change and environment care. Our Priorities are:

  • •  Mitigate Climate Change: promoting initiatives related to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions aligned with our Position in Climate Change. Energy Management is one of the focus with actions as consuming renewable energies, installing solar panels for energy self-consumption at our sites, promote sustainable mobility plans and awareness campaigns.

  • •  Circular Economy promotion: through the responsible and optimized use of resources as water and raw materials and reducing waste impact.

 People care

When related to employees, objective is promoting people's wellbeing by the best and safe working environment, promotion of healthy living habits. This pillar has priorities and actions addressed to patients and communities as well.

ESTEVE - People care
ESTEVE - Business Care

 Business Care

Not only do our processes and our way of working comply with the law, but they are also conducted in an ethical manner, above and beyond the required standards.

We are committed to best practices in our corporate governance, comprehensive risk management, and transparency in all our interactions.

Esteve Química has an Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) management model driven by the Environment, Health and Safety Policy of the ESTEVE Group and certified under ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards at all our work centers.

Our management model allows EHS being a part of the business excellence, thus supporting fast and efficient decisions to take action as well as prioritization of investments and measures to be adopted at any particular time or client's project.

EHS team participate as a member of the Core Teams to understand and answer EHS challenges of any project. Our team also supports EHS product industrialization by preparing HAZOPs, waste optimization activities, safety and regulatory toxicological studies if needed.

Esteve Química plants thoroughly monitor each environmental vector and prevention measures in place, safety risk measures and healthy working conditions.

Our production plants also include facilities and technology for waste water treatment, air emissions control technology, and waste managing control.

EHS related results, performance and new projects or commitments are published yearly as part of the ESTEVE Non-financial Information Statement verified by an independent external body.

We are also a member of worldwide initiatives as:

  • •  The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI): group of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies who share a vision of better social, health, safety and environmental outcomes in the communities where we buy. We share knowledge and expertise, across our industry, joining forces to promote responsible supply chain management.

  • •  Caring for Climate, the UN's Initiative for Business Leadership on Climate Change: demonstrating leadership on climate issues, as the ESTEVE position in Climate Change states.

  • •  Local initiatives promoted by the authorities in Spain with voluntary but formal commitments to take practical actions setting greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, reporting yearly. Endorsed to:

    • "Acords Voluntaris de la Oficina del Canvi Climàtic de la Generalitat de Catalunya", since 2019.

    • "Registro de la Huella de Carbono" del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Spain since 2019.