Supply Chain Assurance

EQ has a broad supplier base, with sourcing process managed by cross functional teams with local presence, but leveraging a centralized sourcing strategy.

Cross-functional teams to lead the sourcing process holistically

Sourcing is organized as a cross-functional streamlined process led by experts in material category sourcing and compound management.
Global sourcing competencies include market intelligence, successful long-term relationships, risk management and implementation of mitigation measures to ensure continuity of supply.

Local sourcing teams with a global and centralized strategy

Experienced local sourcing teams, embedded in their own procurement domestic markets but driven by a unique and centralized sourcing policy.
Use of a shared purchasing information platform to eliminate redundancies, improving technology transfers (if needed) to strategic partners with a high level of IP protection.

Diversified & broad supplier base, continually assessed to ensure quality

Diverse and broad supplier base continually assessed & qualified in order to identify the best supplier for each specific project.
Network of preferred suppliers in three major regions of the world (America, Europe and Asia).
Supplier performance assessment is conducted regularly through on site audit reports and complemented by annual evaluation and is highly recognized not only by our Customers but also by the overall Health Authorities.

Collaborative approach with suppliers & transparency with clients

Collaborative approach in the relationship with suppliers, encouraging them to understand where and how they can add more value in the sourcing process at all times/stages of the projects.
Total transparency regarding Supplier Selection & Qualification, in terms of technology, compound and route selection, site capacity, potential and reputation.