The purpose of this agreement is to promote citizen-directed action by community pharmacies to improve chronic care and the rational use of medicines.

This agreement envisages projects related to research and to healthcare provider training, comprehensive integrated care, and patient education.

The first activity is a course where community pharmacists are specifically trained in the strategic areas of the 2011-2015 Health Plan of Catalonia.

ESTEVE and the Catalan Council of Pharmacy Associations (CCFC) have signed an agreement to improve chronic care by promoting action by community pharmacists. The projects envisaged by these two entities cover research and pharmacist training, integrated care, and improved use of medicines. The agreement was signed this morning by Jordi de Dalmases, chairman of the Council of Pharmacy Associations of Catalonia, and Eugeni Sedano, ESTEVE's Director of Institutional Relations.

46% of Spaniards have a chronic disease, with incidence mostly increased in patients aged over 65. Gradual population ageing and quite unhealthy habits have resulted in a greater incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart failure, among others. When addressing these diseases, prevention, multidisciplinary approaches, outpatient care, patient follow-up and self-care will be essential for the sustainability of the health system.

In this context, community pharmacists will play a crucial role on account of their experience in pharmacology and their proximity and accessibility to the patient in matters of health-related information and training, and prevention and early detection of chronic diseases.

The purpose of this collaboration between ESTEVE and the CCFC is precisely to promote a number of citizen-directed actions taken by pharmacies to improve chronic care and the use of medicines.

This will be done by involving the pharmacist and by emphasizing the importance of his/her role as a caregiver in the area or chronicity. The first activity, ongoing since last February, is a course for community pharmacists focusing specifically on the strategic areas of the 2011-2015 Health Plan.

This new agreement between ESTEVE and the CCFC is yet another step in the Company's commitment to training activities in pharmacy associations to improve adherence to treatment and thereby the quality of life of patients, particularly chronic polymedicated ones.

In the field of chronicity, ESTEVE upholds partnerships with several entities: a framework agreement of collaboration with the Health Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia to promote research and training activities likely to improve chronic care; the ADHERE program with the Spanish General Pharmaceutical Council to evaluate the therapeutic adherence of elderly patients with chronic diseases; and the promotion of research and scientific training in chronicity with the Galician Healthcare Service (SERGAS) and the International University of Catalonia (UIC).

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