The purpose of the Health Innovation Grants "Chronic Care" is to improve the health and quality of life of these patients.

They also promote the development of innovation projects in the care of patients with chronic non-communicable diseases.

Each of the four grants will be worth 8000 euros.

ESTEVE has announced its Health Innovation Grants:"Chronic Care" for 2015. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage innovative projects in the field of chronic care.

In total, four grants will be awarded in four different categories, worth a maximum of 8000 euros each. The deadline for presenting projects is 31 December.

The ageing population, together with unhealthy lifestyles, has resulted in a higher incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia, depression, arthrosis, HTN, cancer and heart failure, which ultimately has a negative impact on the use of healthcare resources. Within this setting, innovation by professionals themselves, the protagonists of this healthcare system, has become a key tool that is essential if this challenge is to be dealt with efficiently.

ESTEVE, which has extensive experience in major chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, kidney, respiratory, osteoarticular and nervous system diseases has decided to take its commitment to these patients one step further by announcing the 2015 Health Innovation Grants: "Chronic care".

Four grants aimed at improving the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases

The main intention of the grants is to improve the quality of life of chronically ill patients and promote healthy lifestyles that help to prevent chronic diseases. At the same time, they also aim to stimulate and facilitate innovation by healthcare professionals in the area of chronic care, encourage the multidisciplinary involvement of all the agents in the system and coordination between the different levels of care, as well as stimulating research, training and knowledge management on chronic care.

Four grants will be awarded, one for each for the following subjects: Adequacy/optimisation of treatments, Therapeutic inertia, Adherence to treatment and Self care.

The winners, who will receive a maximum of 8000 euros, will be announced at the 7th National Congress on Chronic Care, which will take place in April 2015 in Valladolid.

The deadline for presenting applications: 31 December

The deadline for presenting proposals is 31 December. All healthcare professionals can take part, either individually or as a team, as can all organisations (residences, public or private healthcare institutions, teaching centres, etc.) that operate within Spanish territory.

The projects presented will be assessed on the basis of aspects such as their degree of innovation, scientific and technical quality, viability and applicability to other areas or regions and promotion of multidisciplinary work.

The rules of the Health Innovation Grants: "Chronic Care" for 2015 are available on the ESTEVE website.

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