The company supports the entrepreneurs who participate in this edition together with Áreas, Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, FCC, Ferrero, the Jesús Serra Foundation, the "la Caixa" charitable foundation, OTP, Prevencontrol, Serunion, and Uriach.

The Entrepreneurs Classroom Program has an economic aid fund of 30,000 euros to launch or accelerate the best projects.

A total of 63 entrepreneurs participated in the previous editions of this program (Barcelona and Madrid) and 18 entrepreneurial initiatives have been awarded scholarships totaling 90,000 euros.

"Ever since the first edition in 2014, 20 of the 41 projects selected have come to life thanks to the Entrepreneurs Classroom -a success rate of 49%". With these words, Montse Moré, Director of the Prevent Foundation, opened the third edition of the Entrepreneurs Classroom Program in Barcelona, where ESTEVE collaborates by giving support to entrepreneurs together with other companies and entities, including Áreas, Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, FCC, Ferrero, the Jesús Serra Foundation, the "la Caixa" charitable foundation, OTP, Prevencontrol, Serunion, and Uriach.

At the opening act, Montse Moré also said that "we can speak of entrepreneurship (6 Limited Companies launched) in some cases; in other cases, self-employment would be a more appropriate term. However, each and every initiative contributes to revitalize the economy of its environment and will allow launching the program at European level through the "Creating Leaders for the Future" project led by the Prevent Foundation together with Italy, France and Poland, under the ERASMUS + call for adult education".

ESADE's Secretary General Enrique López-Viguria confirmed choices in favor of the Entrepreneurs Classroom Program because it is also in line with the spirit and values of the institution, that is, training competitive, aware, committed, compassionate professionals. For their part, Ramón, Fernando, Miriam and Roger, who participated in previous editions, shared their experiences and offered advice to the new entrepreneurs -work, eagerness and adaptability to make their dreams come true.

This edition also stands out for the diversity of projects and business types: creation of a social platform for disabled people, a company that meets the needs of oncologic patients, an app for mental health users, initiatives associated with leisure and tourism, an IT consultancy on teleworking, digital advertising services, or a sports training center for people with sensory disabilities.

The Entrepreneurs Classroom Program is fully consolidated in Barcelona (3rd edition) and Madrid (2nd edition), free of charge and fully accessible to obtain knowledge and training tools for all types of disabilities: physical, sensory (visual and hearing impairment), and mental. The course combines theory classes imparted by teachers from ESADE Business & Law School with transversal training offered by company executives and reference entities that also participate as tutors and mentors by providing experience and knowledge for business ideas. The best projects of this edition will have an aid fund of 30,000 euros as a donation to launch or accelerate start-ups.

Also, the ALUMNI program represents added value to the Entrepreneurs CLASSROOM and offers workshops, talks, practical lessons and continuous follow-up to entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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