In the scope of the "Move for you and for them" campaign, ESTEVE employees have walked, run or cycled 140,000 km, which have been converted by the company into six months of pediatric cancer research.

The purpose of this campaign is to encourage healthy habits among our staff and collaborate for a common cause related to vulnerable children in Spain.

Thanks to the 140,000 kilometers walked, run or cycled by ESTEVE collaborators in the second edition of the "Move for you and for them" campaign, ESTEVE has issued a check to Hospital Sant Joan de Déu worth six months of research in pediatric cancer.

The purpose of "Move for you and for them", in its second edition this year, is twofold: one, encouraging healthy habits related to physical activity among ESTEVE employees and two, associating these habits with a common cause -pediatric cancer this year. It is about adding kilometers, adding health and adding time devoted to research in a rare disease that affects around 1,200 new cases in Spain each year and is the first cause of death by disease in children.
Thus, each kilometer walked, run or cycled has been converted by ESTEVE into resources earmarked to Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona and specifically devoted to research in pediatric cancer and funded almost totally through donations. Since 31 May this year, and for 6 months, 191 ESTEVE workers -20% of the staff- joined this initiative.

ESTEVE (www.esteve.com) is a leading chemical-pharmaceutical group in Spain with a strong presence worldwide. Founded in 1929 and presided over by Joan Esteve, the Company currently employs 2,279 people, has a presence in Europe, USA, Mexico and China, and had a sales revenue of 870 million Euros in 2015. ESTEVE is firmly committed to excellence and uses its best efforts to promote health and improve people's quality of life. Research being ESTEVE's hallmark, a portfolio of highly innovative projects ultimately aims to provide response to unmet medical needs. Because ESTEVE is a socially responsible Company, it ensures that all projects entered by it align with its CSR vision.

About Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Hospital Sant Joan de Déu is one of the main centers of reference, both inside and outside Catalonia, in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as in highly specialized areas such as neuroscience, neonatology, oncology and heart surgery. The center belongs to the San Juan de Dios Hospital Order and attends each year to more than 120,000 emergency cases, 25,000 admissions and 200,000 visits. The center combines the latest technology with personalized care based on hospitality and solidarity values.