The purpose of the "Move" campaign is to contribute to the improvement of the Company collaborators' health and to facilitate access to health to children at risk of exclusion.

The initiative has translated into 102,292 km walked, run or cycled by employees and converted by ESTEVE into 1,737 kids' menus intended for the Meal Grant Program of Aldeas Infantiles SOS.

Thanks to the 102,292 kilometers walked, run or cycled by ESTEVE collaborators, ESTEVE has donated 1,737 kids' menus through the Meal Grant Program of NGO Aldeas Infantiles SOS.

Today, 30% of the Spanish pediatric population -that is, more than 2.5 million boys and girls- live in households in difficulties due to the economic crisis and social cutbacks. Coinciding with the start of the new school year, many families still face the same difficulty as they did last September in meeting household bills such as electricity, water and food for their kids.

Against this background, ESTEVE launched the "Move" campaign with a double purpose. On the one hand, fostering healthy habits related to physical activity among all its employees. On the other hand, linking this challenge to a social cause: child feeding. This campaign is about adding kilometers, adding health and adding menus to make life easier for families in difficult situations.

Under the motto "Move for you and for them", Esteve financed 1 kids' menu for each 50 km walked or run, or for each 100 km cycled. These menus are intended for the Meal Grant Program of Aldeas Infantiles SOS, which channels this financial aid through schools and social services across Spain. Each km covered as a team was worth the double, thus encouraging cohesiveness among collaborators.

Since 15 April this year -when the "Move" campaign was launched- until 15 September -the beginning of the school year- 370 ESTEVE workers (20% of the staff) joined this initiative.

A company committed to healthy habits and access to health

Aware of the importance of developing healthy life habits to prevent disease, ESTEVE promotes these habits among its collaborators via recommendations and advice on nutrition, cholesterol, diabetes, stress and overweight control, and sport activities. Also, vaccination campaigns have been launched.

Committed to the access to health by the most vulnerable groups, ESTEVE has donated medicines through Farmamundi -54 expeditions to 36 countries via 37 NGOs in 2014- in compliance with WHO and Spanish Drug Agency (AEMPS) guidelines. ESTEVE also participates in Farmamundi's Humanitarian and Emergency Aid Fund (FAHE), which in 2014 carried out emergency, post-emergency and humanitarian aid interventions in 11 countries.

In Spain, in addition to several projects addressed to the groups at higher risk of poverty and social exclusion, ESTEVE has extended the "Eat Hunger Up" campaign -collecting 14,800 kg of basic non-perishable food items- and has promoted the "Rekindle Your Clothes" campaign -collecting 1,500 kg of second-hand clothing donated by ESTEVE collaborators.

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