Thanks to the use of green energy in all its plants, the Sustainable Mobility Plan, the installation of solar panels over a surface of 5,000 m2 at the Martorelles plant (Barcelona).

The company has doubled the number of collaborators -currently 35% of our workforce- who participate in corporate volunteering actions.

Environmental protection, access to healthcare and employability are the three pillars of ESTEVE's social action initiatives.

Over the past three years (2013-2015), ESTEVE has cut its CO2 emissions by 12% through different environmental protection actions. This is reflected in its 2015 Sustainability Report, prepared according to the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international independent organization that leads and fosters transparent, verifiable information provided by companies.

The company has achieved these results thanks to several actions in the framework of the "Add your gesture, subtract CO2" campaign to reduce electric power consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Namely, by implementing renewable energy sources and facility improvements and by promoting sustainable behavior. All to meet ESTEVE's climate change commitment.

To be emphasized is the renovation, for the third consecutive year, of the purchase of energy from renewable sources for all its centers in Spain and the implementation of projects resulting from energy audits conducted at the centers with highest consumption to cut costs, consumption, and CO2 emissions. Also important is the implementation of ESTEVE's Sustainable Mobility Plan, which describes the daily mobility options of collaborators and suggests more sustainable options, such as car sharing or using bicycles. In 2015, this translated into a reduction in CO2 emissions by 140 tons and into raising awareness among our collaborators.

In September 2015 ESTEVE also completed the installation of solar panels over a surface of 5,000 m2 at the Martorelles production plant (Barcelona) for electricity self-consumption. Since its connection and implementation, a total of 95,734 Kw have been generated, with CO2 emissions being reduced by 65 tons. A reduction by 140 tons a year -the quantity absorbed by a 15,000-tree forest in one year- is expected.

Resource optimization and responsible management of resource consumption is one of the pillars of ESTEVE's environmental action in the countries where it operates. That is why, since 2009, the company adheres to the Caring for Climate program promoted by the United Nations. ESTEVE also prepares and manages the annual Greenhouse Effect Gases (GEG) inventory in Spain and Mexico according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).

Collaborators strongly committed to society

ESTEVE's collaborators awareness has also translated in 35% of our workforce currently engaging in corporate volunteering activities -a figure that doubles that of the previous year. Specifically, a total of 263 people participated in the company's Corporate Volunteering Program in 2015.

In addition, another 260 people participated in "Move for you and for them", a campaign promoted in late 2015 with a dual purpose: fostering healthy habits related to physical activity among all its employees and linking this challenge to a social cause: child feeding. This campaign is about adding kilometers, health and menus to make life easier for families in difficult situations. The campaign translated into 102,292 km walked, run or cycled by employees and converted by ESTEVE into 1,737 kids' menus intended for the Meal Grant Program of Aldeas Infantiles SOS.

ESTEVE collaborates on an ongoing basis with 23 non-profit organizations as part of its social commitment and responsibility for being a company devoted to improve the health and well-being of people. To this end, a number of initiatives were set up in 2015 to help the most vulnerable groups both in developing countries (Third World) and in our country (Fourth World).

Committed to the ten principles of the Global Compact and the Millennium Development Goals published by the United Nations in September 2015, ESTEVE has continued to favor access to health in the Third World by donating medicines through Farmamundi. In 2015, 22 expeditions to 13 countries were carried out in compliance with the World Health Organization and the Spanish Drug Agency guidelines. With the support of 15 NGOs the medicines were distributed to hospitals, clinics, health centers, shelters for sick people, orphanages and nursing homes in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Algeria, Malawi, Greece or Nigeria, among others.

ESTEVE also participates in Farmamundi's Humanitarian and Emergency Aid Fund (FAHE), which in 2015 assisted 4,800 people from 13 countries: Syria, Nepal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gaza, Uganda, Haiti, Serbia, Mali and Sahara, prioritizing food and medical care of the most vulnerable populations. Also, ESTEVE's participation in GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance for Children in the Third World, allowed vaccinating 1,184 children in Mozambique in 2015.

In 2015 and in the scope of employability, ESTEVE continued to collaborate in several projects aimed at employing the most vulnerable groups. To be emphasized are the collaborations in the "Supporting Talent" Program of the Princess of Girona Foundation, where ESTEVE mentors help young people search for or change jobs. The company has also participated in the "Learn and undertake" Program of the Prevent Foundation, where volunteers from ESTEVE have acted as tutors of disabled people to help them start their own business.

And last but not least, ESTEVE's participation in the "Rekindle Your Clothes" campaign of the Formació I Treball Foundation of Cáritas, promoted for the second consecutive year in the summer and Christmas to collect up to 1,400 kilos of clothes.

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