ESTEVE's commitment to renewable energy is reflected by the installation of solar panels over a surface of almost 5,000 square meters -the size of a soccer field.

The second largest installation of solar panels in Spain, it allows ESTEVE to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 140 tons annually -the quantity absorbed by a 15,000-tree forest in one year.

The project reflects ESTEVE's commitment to environmental sustainability.

ESTEVE has installed solar panels over a surface of 5,000 m2 on the rooftop of the Martorelles plant (Barcelona) that houses Pensa Pharma (PENSA), the chemical-pharmaceutical group's generic subsidiary. The size of a soccer field, this is the largest solar plant for self-consumption in Catalonia and the second largest in Spain. This installation is yet another step forward in the environmental sustainability plan implemented by the company a few years ago. This plan allows generating 500,000 kilowatts and reducing CO2 emissions by 140 tons annually.

The Martorelles plant is one of the most modern, better equipped, cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology and innovation factories in Europe. Five thousand square meters worth of solar panel also make it one of the most sustainable plants in Spain.

According to ESTEVE Director of Prevention and Environment Paz Arias, "in the context of our environmental policy we develop a specific energy efficiency program by conducting energy audits at the different production centers. The installation of solar panels at Martorelles is a big step forward in our commitment to the fight against climate change, devoted as we are to renewable energy to reduce our CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This project shall allow assessing its viability to extend it to the rest of ESTEVE's national and international plants".

The 400KW electric power of the solar panels distributed over the rooftops of the two silos and the Logistics offices at the Martorelles plant allows generating 500,000Kwh a year of clean energy, sufficient to supply a 170-household population and cutting down electric consumption by 4% of the annual total. Also, because electricity is generated in an eco-friendly way, the installation of solar panels at Martorelles avoids the emission of 140 annual tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, that is, the quantity absorbed by a 15,000-tree forest in one year.

The ESTEVE solar panels at the Martorelles production center are a product of the engineering company INAM S.L. The investment made will be recouped thanks to the energy savings provided by the panels.

Generic Operations Director Francesc Basacoma says that "we have invested 1.4 million euros in sustainability, prevention and environment. The goal is to continue implementing these energy efficiency improvements to maximally reduce our energy costs and reduce the ecological footprint in our products".

ESTEVE, a company that thinks green

One of the traits that best define ESTEVE's identity is its rock-solid commitment to sustainable development, people and the environment. To be highlighted is ESTEVE's adhesion, ever since the year 2009, to the "Caring for Climate" international initiative promoted by the United Nations to fight climate change. Our environmental policy prioritizes this commitment by including several actions in line with this goal and with the Company's vision, activities and projects of the future.

The installation of solar panels at the Martorelles plant is part of the "Add your gesture, Subtract CO2" project, an awareness campaign of the company addressed to all its collaborators and oriented towards reducing CO2 emissions -where every gesture adds up.

In addition, ever since 2009 ESTEVE prepares the annual Greenhouse Effect Gases (GEG) inventory according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) to measure and minimize the global impact of its activities by annually reducing emissions through improvement actions resulting from energy audits and from the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan, and by making up for part of same in certified projects.

Also, for the third consecutive year, ESTEVE has renewed its contract with Endesa to use 100% renewable energy (Green Energy) in all its centers in Spain.

ESTEVE is a member of Acciónatura's Enterprise Council for Nature (CEN) to help protect and restore different habitats in our country.

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