This office lease agreement is the most important real estate operation carried through in Barcelona in the last ten years.

Digitization, collaboration and innovation are ESTEVE's priority axes regarding this relocation.

Iberdrola Inmobiliaria and ESTEVE have reached an agreement to lease 12,000 m2 of office space in Torre Marina, owned by the former, where the chemical pharmaceutical group will set up its new headquarters in 2018.
As a result of this agreement, subject to applicable administrative approvals, ESTEVE will occupy 10 of the 13 stories of this building, which will be renamed the ESTEVE Tower. The building is part of the new business area of Barcelona, where Iberdrola Inmobiliaria promotes 4 buildings: Torre Auditori, Torre Marina, Torre Ponent and Torre Llevant.
The new building will be home to more than 400 ESTEVE collaborators currently located at different offices in Barcelona. Team concentration at a single work center will help accelerate digitization, promote more aligned and collaborative working, and encourage innovation.
In addition, ESTEVE's relocation will bring considerable advantages in terms of entrepreneurial potential, access to the airport and other infrastructures, corporate identity projection and closeness to the company's stakeholders (clients, partners, etc.).
This office lease agreement is the most important real estate operation carried through in Barcelona in the last ten years as far as leased volume is concerned.
The new building, whose construction has been managed entirely by Iberdrola Inmobiliaria, provides a structure that combines bright and open spaces with excellent finishing details.

Four towers in the new business area of Barcelona

In this new business area of Barcelona, Iberdrola Inmobiliaria promotes four office towers. Three of these are 21-story buildings with an aboveground leasable area of 22,899 m² each. The fourth building, Torre Marina, has a commercial and service base called MarinAtrium and a 13-story leasable area of 19,423 m².
The project also includes more than 1,000 already available underground parking spaces.
Located at the entrance to the new premises of Fira de Barcelona, this Iberdrola Inmobiliaria initiative is directed by the renowned Barcelona-based Tusquets, Díaz y Asociados architecture studio, which already collaborated with the company in the culmination of two other office buildings in this city: the Diagonal Litoral towers and the Hilton Diagonal Mar hotel.
The first tower on the market, Torre Auditori, like Torre Marina, has a Class A Energy Performance Certificate and a "Very good" BREEAM rating, and outstands for its functionality, sustainability and energy savings, thus making this office complex a unique business center in Barcelona.