The purpose is to facilitate access to this information by deaf people.

This initiative will be launched in collaboration with Visualfy, a Valencian company engaged in the development of software and technology accessible to deaf people.

La Confederación Estatal de Personas Sordas (CNSE) y ESTEVE han firmado un acuerdo de The National Confederation of the Deaf (CNSE) and ESTEVE have signed a collaboration agreement whereby drug package inserts will be translated into Spanish Sign Language. By simply watching a video, deaf people will be able to access the information contained in the drugs and thus prevent possible health problems.

The lack of accessibility to healthcare-related information and communication involves serious difficulties for the deaf and has a direct impact on their health. One of the barriers faced by this group is the appropriate understanding of drug package inserts. In Spain, more than one million people (2% of the population) have varying degrees of deafness, and a high percentage of these present with reading and writing difficulties.

In view of this situation, the CNSE and ESTEVE have decided to launch this initiative in collaboration with Visualfy, the only international platform engaged in the development of software and technology accessible to people with hearing loss.

As a first step, a text will be prepared where the essentials of a package insert and the sections thereof will be described. This text will provide the basis for the preparation of a video with its translation into Sign Language, available at the Spanish Drug Agency (AEMPS) website. Also, ESTEVE is preparing a glossary of terms commonly used in a package insert. The same process will be followed to translate ESTEVE drug package inserts, which will be updated in a timely manner by ESTEVE with the support of the CNSE.