The only contest in Spain where consumers directly vote on the most innovative high-volume products of the year.

The product will carry the "Voted Product of the Year" logo, a seal that recognizes this award and offers added quality and trust.

ESTEVE's Laxadina, an over-the-counter, plant-based laxative prescribed to treat occasional constipation, has been voted Product of the Year 2016 by consumers at the 16 Grand Prize for Innovation Award Ceremony. More than 10,000 consumers all over Spain have voted on the most innovative products launched in the last year.

The innovative laxative combination of Laxadina is recognized by consumers and entitles this product to carry the "Product of the Year" logo throughout the year 2016, a seal that recognizes this award and offers added quality and trust.

Laxadina contains two ingredients of plant origin: Plantago Ovata, which increases fecal volume and stimulates intestinal motility; and Rhamnus Frangula, which stimulates the intestinal mucosa to facilitate bowel movement, thus providing rapid onset of action and good tolerability. Also, it is presented in convenient cartons of 16 single-dose sachets filled with pleasant orange flavored powder, to be taken with water or fruit juice just before or during meals.

The Product of the Year, which celebrates its sixteenth edition this year, is the only contest in Spain where consumers vote directly on the most innovative consumer products. It is considered the largest study on consumer-centered R&D in our country. The intended objective of this contest is to bring the most innovative products closer to consumers and to reward the effort made by brands in terms of innovation. This year, a total of 32 products in different categories have been awarded Product of the Year 2016 recognition by consumers.

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