The Profarma Plan (Plan to Promote Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has one more year rated ESTEVE's R&D activities as 'excellent'. This is the 29th consecutive time that our laboratory receives this seal of quality, ever since the launch of Profarma in 1986.

ESTEVE is classified in Group A of the Proforma Plan (2013-2016), which includes pharmaceutical companies with significant research activities that have their own production center or basic or preclinical R&D.

Innovation and internationalization are two strategic axes at ESTEVE, a company that invests 63 million Euros a year in research and has a workforce of 2,279 professionals, 10% of which devoted exclusively to R&D activities. This firm commitment and effort have again resulted in the annual renovation of the maximum rating granted by Profarma, an official seal of quality that fosters R&D in the pharmaceutical sector.

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