The purpose of this initiative -an app and a website promoted by ESTEVE- is to contribute to a different way of training professionals by taking the pulse of hot topics in respiratory care.

· Bimonthly, two experts will hold antagonistic positions on a hot topic in respiratory care. Professionals will be able to view short video clips with both positions, and give their opinion

· This free iOS and Android app is addressed to primary care physicians, pulmonologists, allergists, internists, emergency physicians, and other health workers

Medicine is not just black and white. In respiratory care, for example, many grey areas and controversial topics are still present. Topics in the Air is an initiative promoted by ESTEVE where different viewpoints are analyzed to provide a different, innovative way of training professionals. By means of a free iOS and Android app and the associated website www.topicsintheair.com two experts will hold antagonistic positions on a specific topic and professionals will then be able to vote for their preferred option.

According to Dr. Juan José Soler Cataluña, head of the Pulmonology Unit at the Arnau de Vilanova Hospital of Valencia, "Topics in the Air is an innovative way to assess different positions on hot topics in the field of respiratory care. Every two months, two experts in the relevant topic will hold different positions in a three-minute video clip, and physicians will be able to back either position by means of the app. The results obtained will be published at national level".

The app is available for free download from Apple Store and Google Play for iOS and Android, and the physician may view the video clips with the current topic, vote for his/her preferred option and visualize results in real time. Also, the physician may access the records of previous topics at www.topicsintheair.com and download the documents used by the experts themselves to defend their views.

Physicians do not need to sign in and only their medical specialty is to be indicated. In this sense, Topics in the Air is addressed to pulmonologists and allergists, but also to primary care physicians, internists, emergency physicians, and nursing staff.
"Immunotherapy in asthma?" is the first hot topic addressed at ESTEVE's Topics in the Air. Dr. Luis Pérez de Llano, head of the Pulmonology Unit at the Lucus Augusti Hospital of Lugo, will give reasons against it, and Dr. Joaquín Sastre Domínguez, head of the Allergy Unit at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation of Lugo and president of the Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SEIAC), will argue for it.

According to Dr. Juan José Soler Cataluña, "being able to access utterly opposite views expressed by renowned experts will certainly be interesting".

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