Three silver ASPID awards were presented to the "Topics in the Air" campaign in the category of Scientific Services offered to Professionals, to the "ZapatiYas" campaign in the category of Product Promotion Integrated Campaign, "The Infographics of Your Life" in the category of Best Digital Element, all designed by Ogilvy.

Topics in the Air is a training initiative with an innovative format, and ZapatiYas is a campaign to promote the launch campaign for a new product for COPD. These two initiatives, each winning a silver ASPID award in a ceremony held at the World Trade Center of Barcelona, have been promoted by the Respiratory Area of ESTEVE and designed by Ogilvy Healthworld advertising.

A campaign directed at pulmonologists and health professionals dealing with respiratory patients, Topics in the Air addresses training in respiratory with an innovative approach: keeping a finger on the pulse of the hottest topics of the specialty, putting forward conflicting standpoints, and helping clarify which view receives greatest support from physicians. At www.topicsintheair.com two experts hold antagonistic positions on a certain topic, and an app for iOS and Android allows physicians to endorse either view.

"ZapatiYas" Launch campaign for a new product for COPD, whose creative concept, two sneakers that simulate the lungs, conveys a fresh and differential image away from the existing creatives in this category. The 360º campaign includes the preparation of medical visit materials, the internal launching convention in Ibiza, the symposium for doctors Eliseos'17 and the participation with stands in national congresses

On the other hand, "The Infographic of your life" is a project promoted by ESTEVE Cardiovascular to strengthen the positioning of a prescription drug for high blood pressure and remember the key messages: adherence, control, effectiveness and confidence.

The Iberoamerican Health and Pharmacy Communication and Advertising Awards (ASPID)
are presented each year by the journal PMFarma in collaboration with (Health Marketing Club) Sepromark to honor creativity in advertising pharmaceutical products and the communication of health- and healthcare-related services.

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