· This is the first online tool ever to offer a choice of the most accurate, reliable and updated diabetes-related websites, blogs and forums on the internet.

· This choice is endorsed by the reputable RedGDPS Foundation and by a scientific supervisory committee.

· This collaboration platform allows users to rate the webs or apps they visit, and also includes a section with materials for the exclusive use of health professionals.

One point two million health-related searches are made every month on the internet1, with diabetes being the second most searched disease on Google -second only to cancer2. However, which portals are actually reliable? Is the online information on diabetes appropriate for patients, relatives and caregivers? Aware of this reality and with the needs of all the above and of health professionals in mind, ESTEVE and the Primary Care Diabetes Think Tank Foundation (RedGDPS) have launched the www.diabeweb.com platform.

This free portal offers a secure, reliable, constantly updated quality space that includes the best diabetes-related websites, apps and blogs on the internet. This portal is endorsed by a reputable entity -the RedGDPS Foundation- and by a review conducted by a committee of experts. The aim is to help better understand the disease, find digital tools to make daily management easy, and ultimately improve the quality of the information received by thousands of diabetic patients -and by the caregivers, relatives and health professionals who look after them- in Spain.

So, with the user in mind, this portal offers downloadable materials and includes an intelligent search engine that allows filtering by keywords and by subjects (diabetes types, diets, exercise, children, the elderly, resources, complications, journeys, news and events), formats (web, app, blog, forum, online shop…), sources (international or national webpages, hospitals, pharmacies, medical societies, patient organizations,..), Diabeweb ratings, or top recommended websites.

The www.diabeweb.com collaboration platform also allows the user to vote and establish rank order lists with more than 200 diabetes-related websites.

A valuable service to take care of diabetic patients

Health has become social, digital, multimedia and mobile in nature. Also, diabetes is a worldwide epidemic with 387 million people affected around the world (WHO data) and 5.2 million affected in Spain. The information available on the internet complements the service patients and users are provided with by doctors, nurses and pharmacists. In fact, health professionals are key advisors of the most reliable websites, apps or blogs. However, they themselves often find difficulties due to lack of knowledge, large volumes of disorganized (not always reliable) information on the internet, and lack of tools to help them value these resources.

With www.diabeweb.com they rest assured that they are providing fully reliable, high-quality information reviewed by a scientific committee. In addition, the portal also includes Diabeweb Pro, a service specifically devised and designed to offer recommendations to health professionals and including both exclusive contents and materials handed out to patients at the doctor's office to help them search quality information about their diabetes.

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