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The general terms and conditions of use (the "General Terms and Conditions of Use") govern access to and use of this website (the "Website"), which is intended exclusively for adults. Access to the Website and use of its content means that the user unreservedly accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The content and services that Esteve makes available to the user on the Website may also be governed by specific terms and conditions (the "specific terms and conditions") and, if they are in conflict, the latter shall prevail over the General Terms and Conditions of Use. Each time he/she uses the relevant content or service, the user similarly submits to the relevant specific terms and conditions that apply.

The Website contains information about the products and services offered by Esteve or any companies that belong to the group to which it belongs Esteve. Some of these products and services may not be available in some countries. Reference to any Esteve product or service on an Esteve website does not mean that said product or service is available where you are.

The information this Website contains must be considered general information for training or educational purposes and may not be used or construed as medical advice or advice of any other kind. Decisions about patients' health must be taken by health professionals, taking the patient's specific needs into account. Such questions will not be dealt with or answered through the Website. In such cases, you must contact specialist doctors and health professionals.

Similarly, some of the information and services the Website contains may be intended exclusively for people authorised to prescribe or dispense medicines, so if you are not a member of such groups, you are requested, at the point of access, to refrain from continuing.

It is the intention of ESTEVE to offer true and up-to-date information at all times. However, information, documents and images may contain technical or typographical errors. ESTEVE shall accept no responsibility for the suitability and updating of the information contained on this Website. Under no circumstances shall ESTEVE be held liable for any damages resulting from the loss of use, data or benefits, as a consequence of the viewing or use of software, documents, information or services in general, available on this Website.

Esteve puts reasonably appropriate security measures in place to detect viruses. However, the user must be aware that IT security measures on the internet are not completely reliable and, therefore, Esteve cannot guarantee that there are no viruses or other elements that may cause alterations to the user's IT systems (software and hardware) or his/her electronic documents and files that they contain.

Each country may have its own legal requirements or medical practices. The information each of the websites contains is designed to be used only by health professionals in the country to which the website applies.

Esteve may offer services through the Website that may be subject to specific terms and conditions. Information will be provided in each specific case.

Esteve or its respective supplier may periodically implement improvements or changes in the information, documents, images, and product(s) or program(s) contained on this Website. Similarly, Esteve shall be entitled to modify the present General Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. You are therefore advised to review these General Terms of Use on a regular basis.

In any case, if you have any questions concerning this Website or related content, you can ask them using the following contact form.

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The user undertakes to use the Website, its content and its services in accordance with the law, these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the Specific Terms and Conditions, accepted principles of morality and public policy. In the same way, the user undertakes not to use the Website, its content or the services provided through said Website for purposes or with effects that are unlawful or contrary to the contents of these aforementioned regulations, which harm third parties' interests or rights, or which in any manner may damage, render useless, make inaccessible or be detrimental to the Website, its contents or its services or prevent normal enjoyment thereof by other users.

The user similarly undertakes not to destroy, alter, render useless or, in any other manner, damage the data, programs or electronic documents on the Website and not to hinder other users' access through mass consumption of the computer resources through which Esteve provides the service, and not to carry out actions that harm, suspend or create errors in said systems or services.

In the same way, the user undertakes not to introduce programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logic device or sequence of characters that causes or may be susceptible of causing any kind of alteration to Esteve's or third parties' computer systems.

The personal data collected in the forms or other information request documents will be processed by ESTEVE in accordance with the privacy policy. In the case of registration or access forms, or other similar forms or documents, the user undertakes to provide the requested data in an accurate, truthful, complete and updated manner. Otherwise, ESTEVE may, depending on the case, deny registration or access to the user, or deny the specific service requested.

Content, services outside of the Website and advertising

These General Terms and Conditions of Use refer solely to Esteve's Website and do not apply to third parties' websites.

However, solely in order to search for and access content and services available on the internet, the Website makes hyperlinks or technical linking devices available to the user, which allow the user to access websites or internet portals that belong to or are managed by third parties (the "Third-party Websites The aforementioned Third-party Websites are not under Esteve's control and, consequently, Esteve (or any companies belonging to the group to which it belongs Esteve) is not responsible for the content and services on any Third-party Websites.

Such Third-party Websites are referred to solely in order to inform you of the existence of other sources of information about a particular subject and the inclusion of a link in this Website does not imply approval of the Third-party Websites by Esteve.

Moreover, any natural or legal person that proposes to include a hyperlink or technical linking device from a Third-party Website to this Website must obtain prior, written authorisation from Esteve. In any case, the establishment of a link from a Third-party Website to this Website does not imply, under any circumstances, the existence of relations between the owner of the Third-party Website and Esteve, or that Esteve accepts or approves of its content or services.

The Website may also house advertising content or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors alone are responsible for ensuring that the material sent for inclusion in the Website complies with any laws that may be applicable.

Esteve is not responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that may be included in advertisers' or sponsors' content.

Esteve intellectual and industrial property rights

This Website contains or refers to intellectual and industrial property rights such as but not limited to source code, design, structure and navigation architecture, databases, photographs, phonographs, distinctive signs, patents, utility models, information, technologies, products, processes or other intellectual or industrial property rights, which are owned by Esteve (or, as the case may be, by third parties that have authorised or licensed Esteve to use them).

These General Terms and Conditions of Use do not assign any intellectual or industrial property right over the Website or any of the elements of which it is made up, and the user is expressly prohibited to reproduce, process, distribute, publicly communicate, make available, extract, reuse, forward or make use of any of them, in any manner, through any means or process, except in cases in which it is legally permitted or it has been authorised by the holder of the relevant rights.

Questions and suggestions

Any questions or suggestion addressed to Esteve through this Website must not contain questions concerning personal health or prescription of medicines; such matters must be addressed to healthcare professionals. Any question, comment or suggestion concerning the contents of the documents on this Website will be considered not to be confidential and Esteve will have no obligation of any kind regarding such information, and may freely reproduce it, use it, disclose it or distribute it without any limitation whatsoever.

Esteve may freely use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques the aforementioned communications contain for any purpose, such as but not limited to developing, producing and marketing products.

Communications and participation in forums, blogs and social media

Esteve may offer users the possibility of providing different contents (such as comments, documents, photographs or others) to be incorporated in forums, blogs or social networks managed by Esteve or to incorporate them in the corresponding sections of the Website. Users providing contents hereby grant ESTEVE the rights to exploit them (including reproduction, use, distribution, public communication and any type of activity on them) in electronic, digital, paper or any other format, in all languages and all over the world. Particularly, the user transfers these rights for the purpose of content location on the Website, so that other users of the Website may access these contents.

The contents do not reflect Esteve's opinion, nor does Esteve make any statement in this regard. Esteve shall not be held liable for the errors, inaccuracies or irregularities likely to be contained in the contents, or for damage likely to be caused by content insertion in the Website sections that permit this type of service where appropriate.

Users providing contents hereby state that they hold content rights and also guarantee that they have the required rights and authorizations by the author or the owner for Esteve to use these contents in its websites. Users providing contents assume responsibility for any claims against Esteve in the scope of the contents provided, particularly, but not limited to, breach of the right to honor, privacy and own image, and/or intellectual and industrial property rights owned by third parties, holding Esteve harmless from any ensuing costs, expenses and compensations.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Esteve shall not be held liable for damages incurred as a result of the use, copy, distribution or public communication, or any activity performed on contents protected by intellectual and industrial property rights owned by third parties, when the user has not previously obtained the required authorization by holders to make use or intended use of same.

Esteve shall not be held liable for the information sent by the user when Esteve has no actual knowledge of information stored being illicit or breaching third-party assets or rights likely to be compensable. From the moment that Esteve has actual knowledge of information housing data such as the aforementioned, Esteve undertakes to act with due diligence to remove that information or render access thereto impossible.

Also, Esteve reserves the right to unilaterally remove the contents located on any section of the Website, as deemed appropriate.

If the possibility exists, the user may join the groups that Esteve has in several social media. To this effect, the user must accept the terms of use and privacy policy of the relevant social network.

Nullity and ineffectiveness of the clauses

If any clause included in this Legal Notice is declared totally or partially null and void or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will only affect that provision or the part of it that is null and void or ineffective, and the Legal Notice shall survive in all other respects and such provision shall be considered totally or partially null and void.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Website is governed by Spanish law.

Esteve and the user expressly waive their own jurisdictions and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona (Spain), except in cases in which, by legal imperative under the rules of private international law, the courts and tribunals of the user's place of residence apply.

Publication of value transfers

The publication of value transfers (that is, payments made to health professionals and health organizations in the framework of donations, training activities, provision of services, and research and development) meets the transparency obligations deriving from the Code of Good Practice of the Pharmaceutical Industry pursuant to that indicated in the Methodological note.

The publication of the information does not enable those accessing the Website to perform any additional processing of professional data, such as cross-checking information published in the websites of other associates.

Esteve has implemented security levels to prevent search engine indexing.

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Tax ID: B-08599615

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