Intrapharm has rebranded as ESTEVE UK, in line with ESTEVE operations globally.

ESTEVE UK provides a large range of products to UK patients via wholesalers, retail pharmacies and hospitals.

ESTEVE UK has evolved over the past 15 years from an independent Pharma company to become a fully integrated affiliate of an international specialty pharma company. The rebrand comes as ESTEVE UK begins to rationalize their product portfolio and to improve people's lives, in line with ESTEVE corporate purpose.

Through the rebranding, ESTEVE is expanding its access to the high-growth hospital market, in which Intrapharm is particularly successful. The UK market for ESTEVE is split equally between retail and hospitals, with 27 products being 40% proprietary.

ESTEVE UK's portfolio includes prescription drugs for the treatment of serious diseases in the therapeutic fields of oncology, infectiology, neurology and dermatology. Globally, ESTEVE already offers solutions for central nervous system diseases (CNS) diseases, neurological pathologies (epilepsy and Alzheimer's), psychiatric (depression), pain, ophthalmology, cardiology and metabolism.

Ivan Hagay, Managing Director of ESTEVE UK said: "By rebranding as ESTEVE UK, we will show our united front to consumers globally and spread our message of health innovation throughout the UK"

"It's an exciting time to be in pharmaceuticals, with constant innovation and intelligence sharing across our network. We want to add value and contribute to the preservation of the healthcare system through comprehensive solutions for doctors and patients.

"ESTEVE is an innovative company that invests in the development of new treatments and is committed to working in partnership with universities and all key decision-makers. Together we will be able to live our shared goal of using innovation to improve people's lives."

Notes to editor

A responsible and socially committed company ESTEVE has been serving the health sector for over 90 years. Innovation and patients well-being are at the heart of its corporate strategy. This strategy is based on 3 key values: transparency, responsibility and the importance of people. To achieve its purpose of "Improving people's lives", ESTEVE invests in the development of new treatments for patients through R&D programs, partnerships or collaboration with universities and centers of excellence. Its objective is to develop synergies that provide access to cutting-edge knowledge and technology.

Its commitment to innovation has been clearly reflected in the recent approval of SeglentisĀ® by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). It is a product comprising a co-crystal form of celecoxib (an anti-inflammatory) and tramadol (an analgesic) for the treatment of acute pain in adults.¹-³

As one of the first Spanish companies to join the United Nations Global Compact in 2002, ESTEVE is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the 2030 Agenda. Its sustainable development policy is based on three pillars: environment care, people's care and responsible business conduct.

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