The agreement, in the framework of forum ITESS, will focus on generating initiatives and projects related to integrated health and social care, sustainability, and new business models.

On behalf of ESTEVE, the agreement was signed by Joseph Sullivan, Managing Director of ESTEVE Pharma, and Eugeni Sedano, Director of Public Affairs.
On behalf of ESADECREAPOLIS, the signing was attended by Ramón Aspa, Chairman of the Board, and Oriol Alcoba, the Director General.

Also attending the event were Mark Mayhew, Director of Pharma Corporate Development at ESTEVE; Susana Quevedo, Public Affairs Manager at ESTEVE; Josep Maria Grego, Director of Forum ITESSS; and Pere Català, Head of Health Innovation at ESADECREAPOLIS.

ESADECREAPOLIS and ESTEVE have signed a cooperation agreement to promote innovation and transformation in the field of health. Under this agreement, the two institutions will team up to promote joint initiatives related to integrated, people-centered health and social care; new business models in the sector; and the sustainability of the system.

The main purpose of the partnership is to generate new knowledge and shared, innovative solutions in the field of health that can be implemented and disseminated to the benefit of society.

The partnership is part of the Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Health and Social Services Forum (Forum ITESSS) launched in 2011 by ESADECREAPOLIS, ESADE and GESAPH. The forum offers a platform for cooperation, discussion and project promotion amongst different players from the health and social services system.

'Cooperating with companies such as ESTEVE provides considerable added value and enriches the ESADECREAPOLIS ecosystem. For us, this agreement is a starting point that will facilitate the development of initiatives and projects of shared interest', said Oriol Alcoba, Director General of ESADECREAPOLIS.

'Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of society', noted Mark Mayhew, Director of Pharma Corporate Development at ESTEVE. 'It is thus very important for us to be part of an ecosystem that allows us to keep abreast of the needs of people and professionals', he explained.

As a result of this collaboration, ESTEVE will also join the Advisory Council of the forum, a board that proposes strategic lines to be followed and areas of special interest. ESTEVE will also be able to attend the Annual Conference organized by the forum, networking sessions and other events organized by the forum. ESADECREAPOLIS will provide the capabilities of ESADE's Business School and its institutes, innovation-related knowledge and methods, as well as the Innovation Boulevard (Rambla) and a dynamic ecosystem that provides a meeting place to more than 2,000 people every day and where students and professionals serve as a test of new solutions.

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