Research Areas

Research Areas ESTEVE

Medications we supply today help millions of patients worldwide. Now we are expanding our presence to develop and deliver new treatments directly to patients in the United States, Europe and around the world.

Esteve has an ambitious vision to become an international biopharmaceutical leader in specialty therapeutics

Building from a robust track-record of manufacturing and partnership, we are transforming our focus toward proprietary specialty therapies. Our goal is to deliver meaningful new solutions for patients who lack effective options today.

The R&D team at ESTEVE brings strong experience across many areas to bring innovative treatments to patients.

- Technical, scientific, development, medical and regulatory knowledge.

- Capacities to discover and develop drugs, from selecting targets to Phase III clinical trials, and to subsequently obtaining marketing authorisation for the same.

- Experience interfacing with regulatory authorities around the world.

- Experience conducting clinical trials in multiple countries.

Research Areas ESTEVE

We work synergistically with multidisciplinary teams

Our internal synergies, which rely on integrated collaboration between groups with complementary skills, from drug discovery to marketing, are complemented by innovative partnerships:

Multidisciplinary teams ESTEVE

- In silico drug design

- Cellular and molecular biology

- Medical chemistry

- Pharmacology

- Pre-clinical development

- Clinical development

- Pharmaceutical development

- Quality assurance

- Regulatory affairs

- Industrial property

- Pharmacological safety and pharmacovigilance

- R&D planning and alliance management