The website's multi-device design allows users to access information in the format that best fits their needs and preferences.

www.esteve.com includes thorough information about ESTEVE, about its Pharmaceutical, Chemistry and Generics activities, and about its R&D and Sustainability activities.

www.estevefarma.es offers exclusive contents to health professionals and patients.

Barcelona, 1 January 2017.- ESTEVE just renewed its www.esteve.com website with new contents and a modern design adapted to any device to improve accessibility to information and bring the company's day-to-day activities closer to health professionals, patients and the society at large.

The purpose of this renewed portal is to maximize the experience of any user accessing information about ESTEVE and its activities, products and services. Available in three languages (Spanish, Catalan and English), www.esteve.com includes five major sections with specific contents about ESTEVE and thorough information about the Group: mission, vision, values, history, global presence, etc.; its three main activities: Pharmaceutical, Chemistry and Generics; the projects currently underway in the scope of R&D; its Products and Services; and its commitment to and activities in Sustainability, with documents such as the Sustainability Report and the Code of Ethics. Also, the media have a new Press Room to follow ESTEVE's day-to-day activities.

Health professionals as well as patients or caregivers can also access contents specifically created for each one of them. Of high scientific value and provided in a safe environment, these contents include accredited training, scientific up-to-date, support material and advice on several therapeutic categories.

Visit us at www.esteve.com and/or www.estevefarma.es

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