The Heartbeats that add up (Latidos que suman) virtual solidarity race, promoted by ESTEVE in collaboration with Asociación España Salud to increase the number of defibrillators and promote healthy habits, has been recognized as one of the Best Ideas of 2017 by Diario Médico in the category of Promotion of Health and Solidarity of the prizes awarded each year by this medical newspaper.

The goal of "Heartbeats that add up" is twofold. One, to promote cardio-healthy habits by walking, running, swimming or cycling as many kilometers as possible. And two, to help save lives by installing defibrillators in Spain, particularly in crowded places such as squares, schools, sport facilities, etc. to most effectively avoid sudden death episodes. Importantly, around 40,000 people in Spain die of sudden death every year, and more than 4,500 lives would be saved every year if a defibrillator and staff minimally trained in resuscitation were available beside every fire extinguisher 1.

The first edition of "Heartbeats that add up", addressed specifically to physicians and pharmacists, was quite a success: more than 70,000 kilometers covered and 20 defibrillators installed in the 6 autonomous communities that covered more kilometers: Andalusia, Asturias, Castilla León, Extremadura, Navarre, and Basque Country. The second edition, already underway and open to the entire population, intends to cover 100,000 km in four months and distribute another 30 defibrillators all over Spain.

In order to join the initiative and donate the kilometers covered, just enter the www.latidosquesuman.com website, log in, fill out the data, and link a device or an app that records physical activity. If already using any of the following applications: Google FIT, Runtastgic, Fitbit, Apple Salud, RunKeeper or Dailymile, just select and press "Donate Kms" to access ≠latidosquesuman. Any of these apps can be downloaded free from App Store or Google Play.

The Best Ideas of Diario Médico, in their 16th edition this year, acknowledge the daily contribution of people, institutions and companies to the improvement of pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, and health. These awards include a total of 6 categories: Research and Pharmacology; Legal, Ethical and Deontological Initiative; Patronage and Solidarity; Professional Policies; Healthcare Policies; and Management.

1 1 According to Asociación España Salud www.españasalud.org