This education project is promoted by the Alícia Foundation and the IDIBAPS, with ESTEVE's collaboration.

The website offers a new image and adds new contents related to dietary management, with a specific section on the prescription and performance of physical activity adapted to people with type 2 diabetes.

Diet is one of the diabetes-related treatments that patients find harder to adhere to, and so is regular physical activity. That is why the www.diabetesalacarta.org website, promoted by the Alícia Foundation, the IDIBAPS and ESTEVE, just renewed its image and added new contents to help type 2 diabetic people manage these two key elements -diet and physical activity- in an efficient and simple way.

Since 2008, the IDIBAPS and the Alícia Foundation, with ESTEVE's collaboration, have been innovating in the development of tools likely to assist therapeutic education in diabetes. By improving their dietary management and control, diabetic people can follow the healthiest, most appropriate diet in a simple and practical way, without renouncing the pleasures of eating. One of the major tools provided as a result of this work is the www.diabetesalacarta.org portal which, since 2012, has become a reference website for educators, healthcare providers and diabetic people alike.

In addition to its new image, the website now also offers new contents. In this sense, one of the major changes is the inclusion of a specific section for the prescription and performance of (aerobic and muscle strength) physical activity adapted to people with type 2 diabetes. Engaging in regular physical activity being indispensable to the treatment of diabetes, it had to be part of the website.

There is also a new online store where all educational materials for the project, such as educational tablecloths and notebooks for professionals, can be acquired. The benefits generated by this virtual store will be fully devoted to the development of this non-profit education project.

The new version of www.diabetesalacarta.org also offers a blog with diet and fitness tips to allow interaction with the diabetes multidisciplinary team behind this platform. "Diabetic people need clear, useful information about the treatment of their disease. This blog is a simple way to address the needs of patients and their relatives", says Serafin Murillo, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a researcher at (CIBERDEM)-IDIBAPS.

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