Third-Party Code

Our Third-party Code contains the essential values and behaviors with which all suppliers, Joint Ventures and other collaborators with whom we have a relationship must comply. Furthermore, we expect them, in turn, to ensure that their own collaborators comply with standards that cover the same principles.

Our Third-party code is based on ESTEVE's Code of Conduct and includes the Principles of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the core conventions of the International Labor Organization.

Please read out Third-party Code

If you would like to submit any question or notify us possible breaches of the Third-Party Code you can use any of this channels:

•Our website:

• Mail:

Ethics Channel, Post Office 17
28220 Majadahonda, Madrid (Spain)

• Telephone:   At the express prior request of the whistleblower by filling in the web form

Consult our Ethics Channel Policy

ESTEVE's Third-Party Code video