Spray Drying (Particle engineering)

Spray Drying - Adding value to your API.

Esteve Química constantly strives to offer the best-in-class service to its customers. Understanding customer specific needs is key to manufacture great medicines and contribute to the well-being of people.

By adding spray drying technology to the existing particle engineering services, Esteve Química provides customers with innovative technology to manufacture pharmaceutical intermediates and improve the bioavailability and stability of their products​.

From Büchi B-290 to PSD-3 going through PSD-1 and PSD-2, an efficient Spray Drying process development using modeling and simulation let us shorten time and cost. Esteve Química can help customers to select the best solvent and polymer and design the process based on QbD.

Spray Drying is one of Esteve Química’s well-established areas of expertise.

Esteve Química offers spray drying capability at the Celrà manufacturing site to complement API synthesis.

Celrà offers both R&D and industrial cGMP scale spray drying capacity:

  • •  Laboratory scale Spray Dryer (Büchi B290)

    • Typical batch size: 2 to 500g

  • •  PSD-1 Spray Dryer (GEA Niro)

    • Pilot scale unit (Development & small-scale commercial production)

    • Typical batch size: 0.1 to 20kg

  • •  PSD-2 Spray Dryer (GEA Niro)

    • Small-scale commercial unit (Development & full-scale commercial production)

    • Typical batch size: 2 to 200kg

  • •  PSD-3 Spray Dryer (GEA Niro)

    • Commercial unit (Development & full-scale commercial production)

    • Typical batch size: 10 to 300kg

  • •  Additionally, we are currently expanding the spray-drying capacity:

    • PSD-2 Spray Dryer (GEA Niro)

      • Second unit

      • Typical batch size: 2 to 200kg