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High Temperature      

Low Temperature    


PS reduction

Spray Drying
(Particle Engineering)

Flow Chemistry        

Column Chromatography        

(OEL down to 1µg/m³)

Thin Film Evaporation          

…and all other technologies common to the chemical pharmaceutical industry.

Esteve Química operates in a broad range of state-of-the-art technologies.

Our company has an extensive experience introducing new technologies, from hydrogenation in the 80's to flow chemistry more recently.

Equipment and procedures are constantly evolving and Esteve Química took the train of innovation from the very beginning incorporating new technologies like low temperature reactions, flow chemistry and PAT systems; and developing new approaches like QbD and simulation for designing of the manufacturing processes. Thus, our innovation strategy is based on a close collaboration between R&D, Production and Quality Departments in order to ensure the success of such strategy in terms of using them into the manufacturing processes and making them according to the strict requirements of the pharma industry.

Development of cleaner and safer chemical processes by applying new technologies. We at Esteve Química are always seeking to improve efficiency in our manufacturing processes to meet the ever-changing requirements of the market. Flow-chemistry -one of the activities we started in 2012- is a manufacturing technique that should provide some competitive edge regarding the traditional manufacturing processes. In fact, chemical transformations that would not be performed in a traditional manufacturing plant can be faced using flow chemistry, increasing in that way the reactions catalogue than can potentially be industrialized.

The main objective is trying to develop safer and more efficient processes, always with a view to future industrialization and manufacturing on a larger scale.

We are currently developing several processes using flow-chemistry and we have already finalized the development of 2 manufacturing processes using this technique. One of these processes has already been implemented at one of our sites in 2016.

Esteve Química has external collaborations with experienced partners that ensure we can cover whatever reaction development by flow chemistry.