Strategically located in three continents -Europe, Asia and America- our 6 full cGMP state-of-the-art multipurpose manufacturing sites provide a total reaction volume capacity of 875 m³ to guarantee perfect solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates or APIs.

Our pharmaceutical approach to chemical manufacturing (class 100,000 clean rooms for the last steps of synthesis) ensures full control of our products and processes according to the strictest quality standards.

A continuous investment policy keeps our manufacturing sites on a perfect compliance status by allowing us to implement new production technologies, such as Spray Drying, flow chemistry, HPAPI manufacture, etc...

Our global R&D team gathers ca. 100 people and ensures that the knowledge on processes and new technologies is spread to all our manufacturing sites.

A new Safety, Quality & Environment unit structure was established in 2020 with the goal of maintaining Esteve immaculate track record.