In 2022, the company has grown 15% in net revenues and has expanded its presence in Portugal and Italy.

To enable further growth and international expansion, ESTEVE announces a strategic partnership with a German private investment firm.


Esteve Healthcare (ESTEVE), a leading pharmaceutical company with a clear purpose on improving people's lives, has closed 2022 with an increase in net revenues of over 15% compared to 2021, reaching 644 million euros, second year in a row with double-digit growth.

Since its strategic plan redefinition in 2018, ESTEVE has been expanding its specialty pharma product portfolio, flawlessly executing its strategic roadmap, including the divestiture of generics (2019), the acquisition of the German specialty pharma company Riemser (2020), the reshaping of the innovation model (2020), and the opening in 2022 of new EU affiliates such as Portugal and Italy.

To enable further growth and international expansion, ESTEVE has announced a strategic partnership with Lubea, a German private investment firm. Lubea has acquired a minority stake of 26% in ESTEVE, with the investment injecting capital into the company. Despite the new partnership, ESTEVE's organizational structure will remain the same, and Grupo Esteve Lifesciences will remain its majority shareholder.

"We are thrilled to have Lubea on board as a strategic partner. This investment will provide us with the necessary resources to accelerate our growth and expand our presence in international markets, while remaining true to our purpose of improving people's lives through our innovative pharmaceutical products" concludes Staffan Schüberg, Chief Executive Officer of ESTEVE.

The agreement recently signed is pending final approval by the European antitrust authorities.

Morgan Stanley and Faus Moliner have been ESTEVE's lead advisors on this operation.

2022, a year with significant milestones
The acquisition of a new industrial site in Lliçà de Vall (Barcelona) early in 2022 has increased ESTEVE's active pharmaceutical ingredients production capacity by 20%,

while the launch of Seglentis® in the US for the treatment of chronic pain in adults was the most important milestone of the year.

ESTEVE's central nervous system franchise in Germany, with Inbrija® (Parkinson's disease) as its main product, was another relevant event. The company's drugs have reached more than 7 million people worldwide, and it has interacted with more than 55,000 healthcare professionals to improve patient well-being.

Positive impact on employees, society, and environment
ESTEVE's commitment to growth and development is reflected in its 16% expansion of the workforce in the last year, reaching 1,824 employees worldwide. The company's management positions are also held by women, with a 43% representation, and the goal of achieving more than 45% of women in leadership positions by 2025. ESTEVE has allocated more than €800,000 to generate a positive impact on society through different initiatives in collaboration with more than 30 entities, to support patients, communities and the most vulnerable population groups.

The company's efforts to mitigate climate change include using 100% renewable energy in its production plants in Spain and its R&D center. ESTEVE also maintains best practices to achieve sustainable waste management and contributes to the promotion of the circular economy. 70% of the solvents used in 2022 can be reused in other uses or sectors, and 58% of waste has been earmarked for reuse, with the aim of reducing its impact as much as possible.

All details are published in its 2022 Annual Report: